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RSA Paving provides premiere asphalt paving services for your home in the Baltimore, Rockville, Columbia and Severna Park, MD areas

Asphalt is one of the best surface options for individuals with a residential paving project who are looking for a driveway that is strong, resilient, low maintenance, and aesthetically appealing. An asphalt driveway usually only takes about two days to install, depending on the size of the project, which means it takes much less time than its main competitor, concrete. Furthermore, unlike concrete, asphalt is not subject to surface spalling, which is a common flaking issue that concrete has when it is installed hastily by an untrained installer.

Asphalt is made tough and is ready to ensure you are able to enjoy all of its benefits for many years to come. Asphalt driveways are easy to maintain and driveway repairs are typically very inexpensive and easy to perform. With regular preventative maintenance, including driveway sealcoating, crack filling, sweeping, and general upkeep, you will be able to enjoy your stunning driveway for decades. Living in an area where the weather changes frequently, like Columbia, MD? Asphalt is probably great for you.

Spending a little extra money now to prevent damage from happening to your asphalt driveway is much better than having to deal with bigger repairs down the road, even if asphalt is more affordable to repair than concrete. That is one of the reasons our team of driveway paving professionals are proud to provide our driveway sealing services.

With our driveway sealcoating services, you are able to seal all of the small cracks that might have formed in your driveway so that they won’t take water or ice and start expanding over a period of time. Simple, affordable driveway sealing now greatly helps to extend the life of your driveway into the future while drastically cutting down on the amount of cracks you experience and repairs you require.


What Clients Say

K. Swartz

Residential Paving Client, Severna Park, MD

“RSA paving is the BEST and our driveway looks fantastic! Super responsive, very professional, and would highly recommend their paving services. We have been using them for years and will continue to do so.

RSA Paving is professional, punctual, responsive to requests, and provides immense value to its clients!

Our Promise

To deliver quality work, advanced skills, and versatile experience from start to finish.

From engineer to supervisor to technician, all of our employees take pride in the work they do on every job.

RSA Paving professionals are proficient in the evaluation and installation of any job site.

Our experts understand the issues involved with the most complex situations. Our teams consider, examine and manage each variable of a job.

They conduct a total assessment of the individual job and evaluate the materials to provide a professional installation.

Our site consultants can evaluate each project on an individual basis and provides quality work that meets and exceeds the customer’s vision.

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